Intermediate Bootcamp | Week 4 Day 1

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Day 22:


Affirmations: An affirmation is simply a statement, directed toward yourself, confirming that what you want to happen is happening.

Daily affirmations are a powerful tool for a self-empowered and fulfilled life. Daily affirmations directly affect your conscious and subconscious mind, thereby helping you to transform negative belief systems into positive ones, build self-confidence and self-esteem, sharpen your mental skills, and get control.
Define and channel positive intentions toward and area of your life that you want to improve, whether it’s your health, work, relationships, or a financial situation.
You must state your affirmations in the present tense so that your mins knows that what you want to achieve is already happening:instead of saying, “I would like to have”.

You’re entering the last week of the Bootcamp, so let’s get into the habit of daily affirmations that carry us through life after we have completed this challenge!



Step 1: Do your Warm-Up (No password? Get access here)

Step 2: Do the Workout Below

Step 3: Do Today’s Burnout (No password? Get access here)


Step 3: Do The Cool Down Stretch (No password? Get access here)


Step 4: Mark down all your scores in your Workout Journal. (No Journal? Get access here)


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Intermediate Bootcamp Week 4 Day 1!
Edith welcomes you to Hell Week! Let's do this! Post your success, scores, pics, and…

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