Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 2

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Day 2:


As BodyRockers we are each and every one one of us capable of achieving our goals. It’s easy to think or talk about what you are going to do, but actually doing what you say takes commitment, dedication & more importantly the motivation to get up everyday and push yourself. Motivation is an emotion that allows you to have the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of whether you feel like it or not.

Every single day BodyRockers overcome this inaction with drive, passion and commitment and the results that you are seeing prove just how capable & strong you really are. You don’t have to try and get your head around the whole process of reaching your goals – take it in small steps 1 day at a time.

Each workout is just 12 minutes. I know that you are capable of 12 Minutes. If you need to start with the beginner moves then do it – it still counts and you are still making progress. We believe in you – the community is here for you – let’s do it together.



Step 1: Do your Warm-Up (No password? Get access here)

Step 2: Do the Workout Below

Step 3: Do Today’s Burnout (No password? Get access here)


Step 3: Do The Cool Down Stretch (No password? Get access here)


Step 4: Mark down all your scores in your Workout Journal. (No Journal? Get access here)


Step 5: Come and give us a HIGH FIVE on Facebook:

Intermediate Bootcamp Day 2!

Welcome Edith to the Living Room for some Cardio Burn. Post your scores, pics, and…

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