30 Days of Free Real Time Video Workouts

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Be One of Our 2 Million BodyRockers Getting Toned and Healthy In Only 12 Minutes A Day!

  • Workouts designed to be done from home, with minimal equipment!

  • Incinerate Your Body Fat with these trainer-designed 12-Minute exercise routines built to train your body to burn fat for 38 hours after you train!

  • You can improve your physique, lose fat, get stronger and more energized in 30 days with a new routine delivered to you every day that keeps you in the fitness habit!

  • Stop pounding the treadmill for hours - these workouts are super-fast, more fun than cardio, totally portable, and are proven by trainers to be more effective for reducing fat and building strength!

  • Stay motivated with motivational videos from Edith and Lisa to support your drive to Keep Going and Earn The Body Of Your Dreams!

  • TOTALLY, 100% FREE!


Get in the best shape of your life, at home, for free!



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